PT-11 .

3/8 " / 3/8 " / 2 3/8 " / 3/8 "




2 3/8 "
6 cm

The Highlander
This handsome pipe tamper is reproduced from a antique tamper from England. It shows a braw Scotsman with his plaid over his shoulder, his walking stick, and broadsword by his side. This figure was carved with very crisp, clean lines. This figure is in fact Bonnie Prince Charlie and was issued originally in 1845 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden. Charlie stands atop the tamp like a statue and you can even make out the cantle of his sporran and the dicing on his bonnet. This tamper feels really good in your hand and is most comfortable to use. The pipe tamper stands 2 3/8 inches high including the base. This tamper works well on almost all pipes.

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