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3 1/2 "
8.9 cm

Raven Claw
Quoth the Raven, Nevermore: This is a whimsical crow s foot, pipe tamper reproduced from an antique tamper acquired at the state of Maine. It is shades of Edgar Allan Poe to be sure! The claw theme is often seen in the egg and claw carvings on traditional clay and meershaum pipes. This unusual tamper would make a great addition to your collection. The Raven claw is often used in Heraldry as a symbol as well. This tamp can reach way down into deepest pipes and tamp down your finest flake. This bird leg tamp carved fully dimensional and in the greatest detail. This novel piece feels really good in your hand and is most comfortable to use. It stands 3 1/2 inches high including the base. Slightly larger base makes this very suitable for large bowls.

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