PT-7 .

3/8 " / 3/8 " / 2 1/2 " / 3/8 "




2 1/2 "
6.4 cm

Iron Duke
This fanciful tamper was recently reproduced from an antique tamper made in England. It is a caricature of Arthur Wellesley, or better known as Duke of Wellington, and meant to poke fun at the man. As an opponent of parliamentary reform, he was also given the epithet the Iron Duke because of the iron shutters he had fixed to his windows to stop the pro-reform mob. His soldiers called him Old Nosey or Old Hookey, on account of his prominent, aquiline nose. In his famous General Order No. 577, Wellington forbid all smoking in the military barracks which was not well received by his men. This piece is fully dimensional and carved in the round. You will be pleased with the great detail and it has a really nice heft in your hand. Hand poured in lead-free jeweler s pewter and burnished to a warm glow. The pipe tamper stands 2 and 1/2 inches high including the base.

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