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After a week of smoking, absolutely no regrets. A class pipe! Very satisfied!

As they say..."you get what you pay for". I have several meerschaum pipes from Meerschaum market. They are works of art with top of the line quality meerschaum. I find the "And" product as not as high a quality meerschaum but still smokes very cool. My pipe had a chip in the fillagree carving and the bottom of mouthpiece was cracked. You can certainly tell this pipe was NOT carved by a master carver. So as you can see you DO get what you pay for. You want a cheap meerschaum pipe these are the best I have found. You want a high quality great smoking meerschaum will need to look elsewhere.


I received my first order from AND today. I ordered a classic mini to test the claims made for meerschaum pipes. This is my first meerschaum. Partway through the second bowl, I ordered a full-size model. I reserve the right to come to my senses later, but right now it seems the wild claims about how cool a meerschaum smokes are, if anything, understated.


I purchased two Mini Pipes ,but the Pipes are not that mini.Exellent size in my opinion. I am so pleased with this Company that I m going to purchase one Standard Pipe very soon.As prises ,quality and FAST handeling goes it is all FIRST CLASS. This is a recommended STORE. Thank You.


I just ordered my eighth meerschaum pipe from AND, having been so pleased with the previous seven. The calabash was splendid and the other six were all artwork pipes. The two nude lady pipes, skull, pirate head and lion head were truly magnificent and while the prices really are too good to be true, the large artwork pipes are a real steal. In fact, the lion’s head was nearly as big as my fist! Believe me, I’ve been looking around for fanciful artwork meerschaum pipes for several months but I keep coming back to AND for the best prices and fastest service.

I had read at a forum about AND Meerschaum web site, saying "if it is too good to be true, it ain't true." I took my chances and having used the pipe for several months, my experience is that in this particular case, it is true. Received my second pipe a week ago. I love both of them. Very satisfied with my experience.


This review is after 3 years of ownership of weekly use of a pipe bought from AND Meerchum Pipes. Best place on the web to purchase your pipe. The product is made with only the best meerchum material. Customer support is amazing. Fast response. Very knowledgeable and will go out of the way to make sure your experience with AND Meerchum Pipes is top notch. \n\nIf you are on the fence about buying a pipe from here. \nAdd to cart & purchase. Promise you will not regret.\n


I have been enjoying a gorgeous Civil War soldier meershaum now for almost two years now. It smokes beautifully and is coloring nicely. I can attest that they are true bargains and are well worth the price. Don't have any hesitation from ordering from them. You won't be disappointed!


Just received my second 'artwork' pipe this week after having tried the first last month. Both are beautiful pipes and the stems/bits are solid and nicely colored. I am enjoying both and will be buying all my Meerschaums from AND in the coming months. Very easy to order and delivery prompt (actually pretty fast).

Did the Calabash and a new tamper, got it in a few days , it even had to travel to the Great White North. Bookmarked the page and will order my next meerschaum from this site. \n

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