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Very pleased with the quality for the price. Great value. Smokes great. Will purchase another AND to add into my rotation. Compares favorably to my more expensive SMS. Shipping was timely. Overall very positive experience.


I purchased two pipes from AND, both were terrific. One was an artwork and the other was a Classic Calabash. The Classic Calabash is one of the best purchases I have ever made.


I just rec'd my pipe and it's EXCELLENT! Even nicer than the photo. And delivery was very prompt. I highly recommend these folks. Their pipes are works of art.

I just ordered my second pipe from this site (my first one had been recently LOST for good, after 2+ years of ownership!!). It took a lot of meerschaum pipe browsing to jog the memories from my first time around, and I finally remembered that this was the site. If you're hesitant and unsure about purchasing here, don't be (I know how many other online meerschaum retailers feel questionable). Pay with PayPal, and you'll get one order confirmation sent to your email, and then another email from PayPal confirming it, too. This site may seem "plain", but I prefer having less "design clutter" when all I want to do is look at the pipes. Being able to sort by specs is convenient, especially if you're experienced and have an idea of what you like based on measurements. Knock on briar that I don't lose this new pipe (still so bummed about my lost half-bent bulldog).


I have shopped for several meerschaums over the last few years and I have concluded that AND sells the best quality pipe for the price. Beware of the company called Royal Meerschaum who sells at incredibly low prices, but they are all low quality "pressed" meerschaums.\n


Just received my second pipe from AND. The shank is a little off center with the bowl but it smokes fine. This is one of their medium art works pipes. I believe for what you pay for these pipes they are a good value. One just has to remember that if you buy one you are getting a value priced piece not a top quality high priced one. \n


My first meerschaum and it is absolutely beautiful! A true work of craftsmanship. Shipping was delightfully quick and affordable. I'm sure to return for years to come. Thank you.

I have had a meerschaum I purchased from this company for about five years now, and am very pleased with it. I have purchased one more as a gift for a friend who is also very happy with his, and am now purchasing a third for a gift. Quality workmanship and a quality smoke. Buy one, you won't regret it.


Great pipe at a great price, this is my first meershum so much better than a briar I love it.

I recently received my first AND Meerschaum pipe; a mermaid design in a standard size pipe. It is gorgeous (even the stem is beautiful) and smoked great right from the start. I wasn't expecting the accompanying case so that was just an added pleasure. Delivery was prompt (just a few days) and I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience. I will be purchasing another Meerschaum soon for my daughter's boyfriend and will definitely choose one of your pipes.

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