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I bought one classic large smooth and a classic mini. The large pipe is great although the stem is almost pink even though it looked red in the photo. I would rate this pipe 4 stars, mainly because of the stem color from photo to real life. The mini pipe is just what I expected, a mini pipe for a quick smoke or to test a blend. My problem with it is the stem is crooked in comparison to the pipe. Very crooked. For that I would rate this pipe 2 stars, thus a 3 star rating for the 2 combined. Both pipes smoke great, but the crooked stem on the mini is a real downer to me.


I was so excited to open my first meerschaum pipe on Christmas. It is a beautiful eagle claw pipe and the shipping time was outstanding! I will definitely be buying more from this company, thanks a lot.

I could hardly wait to get to my computer to tell you how thrilled I was after receiving the beautiful classic large pipe. The shipping time was outstanding and the pipe smokes beautiful. You should be very proud of your product and I hope you will always keep your prices affordable so that I can order another. It's tough when your retired an on a fixed income but I do see myself ordering again soon. Thank You & God Bless


AND pipes are by far the best meerschaum pipes for the money. I've ordered several since 2007. Every purchase is never a disappointment, which is why they are my preferred meerschaum pipe seller. They take great care of deployed troops--impeccable customer service, and quick to ship! Truly a morale boost. Thanks AND!

After 16 days waiting for my Artwork Standard civil war figure, finally arrived.It took that long because i live in Malta central mediterranean island and i can understand that it will take a bit long.When i opened the case i found a real beauty!!The pipe is exactly the same one on the pic i ordered.Artwork is very detailed and refined.Tried the tongue test on the inside of the bowl when new and it really stuck so it's a real block meer!!I am more than satisfied so i will be happy to order again.Many thanks!!


Got an Artwork Large and I LOVE it!!! Very nice quality pipe at a Great Price!!!


Just received the mini, quick shipping! I was concerned of the quality for such an inexpensive pipe, but was very presently surprised. Bowl is well shaped, appears of very consistent thickness, stem is well centered, actually better than my more expensive pieces. I love that I got to chose the exact pipe I ordered. Nicely cased, the mini really fits well in shorts pockets for a great summer pipe, barely notice it's there. Also, it smokes really nicely, very cool for such a small pipe. Thanks!


I ordered a mini mere and a medium eagle claw. No hitches crossing the boarder and they both smoke awesome. I will be ordering more for gifts and such. Beautiful artful stems.

I just purchased my second meerschaum pipe from AND. It's a Calabash and I thought it was going to be kind of heavy after reading one of the reviews. But it's not. Whoever wrote that review needs to build up his jaw muscles! It works perfect for me.


These pipes are incredible! I bought one pipe for my brother and another for my father. They both really enjoy them. Great product, great price, and great service. Will be buying more pipes in the future. They make great gifts.

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